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scac code 2024 – If you’re moving freight by ground or sea in today’s logistics environment, your carrier is almost certain to belong to the National Motor Freight Traffic Association‘s SCAC program. By registering for and receiving a SCAC code, carriers can standardize equipment numbers across their fleet, simplifying their fleet management and creating a recognizable brand within the industry. While SCAC codes are important to the carriers themselves, they are equally important to the freight movement process itself, particularly with regards to customs.
US Customs requires pre-advice of incoming freight shipments via AMS, or the Automated Manifest System. For every shipment, a manifest must be submitted to Customs which contains information about every piece of cargo within the load. The SCAC code is integrated into this manifest and immediately identifies the carrier transporting the load to US Customs. As with any customs-related process, accuracy is vital for smooth execution, and just one letter in the wrong place can mean the difference between a smooth border crossing and hours (if not days) of customs headaches and delays.


Since the SCAC code can literally make-or-break a shipment’s smooth transport, being able to search any SCAC code at any time is vital. offers two free and easy ways to search for and verify SCAC codes: First, the lookup by code function allows shippers, forwarders, or other logistics professionals to quickly and easily confirm that a given SCAC code is accurate. If the code is accurate, the website will return the full business name of the carrier and give the peace of mind that the SCAC code on customs paperwork or bills of lading are accurate. Secondly, the lookup by name function allows users to type in the full or partial name of the carrier they are looking for. This will search all carriers and SCACs, and return to the user the SCAC code for the carrier.


When it comes to the transportation of goods, there are a lot of places where errors can happen. By ensuring that a proper, verified SCAC code is being used on all documentation and in all transmissions to customs, logistics professionals can reduce the chances of shipment delays or misunderstandings between different links of the supply chain. There can never be enough verification and confirmation when it comes to logistics, and can help provide one piece of the puzzle when it comes to smooth transport of goods.


Example about our information of SCAC code


Company name.                                    SCAC code
3D TRUCKING                                        7TDT
AIM CARRIBBEAN EXP                          9AIM
4 WAY TRANSPORTATION                   FWYR
AIM CARTAGE&LEASING                      AIMI
A & B FREIGHT LINE INC                      ABFL
AIR CARGO EXPRESS                            6CAX
A & R TRANSPORT INC                         ANRI
AIR CARGO TRANSPORTA                    AICP
A & T TRUCKING CO                             ANTG
AIR EXPRESS INTL                                 ARXS
A C DISTRIBUTING CO                         ACDD
AIR EXPRESS INTL                                AXFF
A C E COURIER SERVIC                       9AQB
AIR FREIGHT DELIVERY                      AFDS
A D TRANSPORT EXPRES                   ADXR
AIR FRT SPECIALISTS                          AFSO
A DUIE PYLE INC                                 PYLE
AIR GROUND XPRESS IN                   8ARX
A J WEIGAND INC                               WEIG
AIR LAND & SEA TRANS                    8ADP
A M EXPRESS INC                              AMXC
AIR LAND TRANSPORT S                  APVC
A M TRANSPORT                               8AMT
AIR LITE TRANSPORT I                     7AAE
A N DERINGER INC                          DANQ
AIR RIDE EXPRESS INC                    8ADX
A ONE (1) PICKUP & D                    AOEQ
A S A P EXPRESS INC                       ASXP
AIR SEA FORWARDERS                   ASFF
A TRANS DELIVERY SER                  ATDL
AIR TRANSPORT INC                       7AOI
A X I ROAD                                        AEXG
AIR WISCONSIN                               WIAF
A.B.C. MOTOR FREIGHT                  AOFI
AIRCO GAS & GEAR                          9AIZ
AIRGROUP EXPRESS                        9AGX
ABC EXPRESS INC                             ABXI
AIRWAY EXP COURIER                     9BFX
ABEL FREIGHT LINES                       ABEQ

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